Monthly Archives: September 2017


Sometimes we forget to breathe. When we allow our minds to be taken prisoner by our emotional reaction to unwanted circumstances, it not only affects our ability to think clearly, it can also impact us physically. Take a few moment to just sit quietly and take a few deep breaths. […]

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One of my favorite quotes is: “Listen to your heart. It knows where it is going” Today, your guardian angels and spirit guides are with you, always present. Ask for their assistance. They are here, eagerly wanting to help and guide you.   EMERGING Allow your inner butterfly and beauty to come out […]

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What’s Weighing You Down? published one of my articles in their July issue, titled: What’s Weighing You Down? As we move into summer, we begin thinking more about our bodies, dressing in lighter clothing, shorts, and swimsuits. For some of us, it’s time to confront the extra pounds we’ve accumulated during the winter […]

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