Living Intentionally in 2023

The Universe is here to support you to dream again!

Intention and Meditation Event 

Access the Infinite potential within YOU.

January 22nd 2023 1:00pm-2:30pm

The group energy is bubbling with excitement as everyone comes together to support

each other’s dreams, intentions and heart’s desire.

Live from the Wisdom Within

Be all that you are,

Live in possibilities,

Expand your gratitude,

Create something New this year,

Awaken to the bigger dream that is your life.

Invite a Friend!

Register by making a payment of $28  at Cashapp $Carylannevb or Venmo @Carylanne888

or paypal here and

Text Carylanne at 757-729-2716  your name and say I”M IN !

This Event is almost full please text to make sure space is available.

Thank you!

Wear comfy colorful clothing, bring a pen, water to drink, a notebook or journal, a mask


Your amazing Spirit.



Location~ Wells Therapeutics (yoga suite) 319 Edwin Drive Virginia Beach VA

I look forward to this being one of your/ our best years!


Love, Carylanne

























Meditations for Well-Being
with Carylanne

Meditation is one of our greatest tools of transformation and can transform your life.

Meditation~ is a natural place where space and time meet and we are able to experience gaps of silence, stillness and pure consciousness. Some see it as the ultimate reset button~It takes us into the present moment out of the ego mind and into a peaceful state of being and awareness that all we need is within us, not outside of us.

The benefits include~

Helps us to cope with stress and life transitions, 

Promote well-being, better sleep, 

 Expand joy and gratitude.

 Stay centered during these changing times, Increase Peace of mind, Manage Stress,

Experience an immediate shift in your energy,

Find your holy center point,

Move into greater self- love and acceptance, Stop worrying,

Live in more ease and grace,

Maintain your health & vitality, Improve focus.

Break free from overthinking



Staying Centered is a Practice.

A meditation practice benefits our body mind and spirit in many ways. During this time we all need connection and strategies to remain centered. Meditation promotes peace, ease, grace and well being. It may move us to discover ways to live from the heart, fuel our soul, live true to our nature, while supporting balance, harmony to live in with greater compassion and love. It supports internal change and strengthens our resilience to life. The practice and benefits of meditation are long-lasting and bring immediate shifts to our life.  The benefits of meditation are cumulative for stress reduction, relaxation, pain management and overall health & well-being and most important inward connection & “peace of mind”. When we pause and tune inward utilizing  breath, awareness and presence we enter into our holy center.

You may also schedule your own personalized guided meditation, spiritual life coaching and/ or energy vitality balancing session.

Text  Carylanne 757-729-2716 .

Love offerings are accepted at Cashapp $Carylannevb or  Venmo @Carylanne888 or paypal.  Thank you very much

Meditation, calmness, a sense of inner peace and relaxation are foundations for our well being and hidden keys to our success in all aspects of our lives. For a more relaxed, productive and enjoyable day have a listen to some of these free meditations.

Connect with Your Inner Self Meditation

Joy Meditation


Grounding Tree Meditation


With mindfulness, any moment can become a happy moment. Tich Nhat Hanh.

 The number one way of achieving wellness on all levels, meditation regularly came through Edgar Cayce during health readings. Practiced for thousands of years, today meditation is gaining incredible ground among doctors as the key to physical, mental, psychological, and emotional health. The benefits of meditation really are limitless!

The benefits of creating dedicated time and space create energy that supports the individual every day and every time they enter into meditation.

Connecting to the stillness and silence within supports us to reconnect with our true self.

Carylanne is well known for her deeply evocative, deeply relaxing & healing guided meditations and for creating  sacred, loving, safe spaces of  peace and beauty to go into the silence.

Meditation is a self- directed practice for “tuning in”, bringing your attention your breathe and your focus inward. This is relaxing for the body, calms the mind and nervous system, brings harmony and peace to the Spirit. The Source of peace is within you, by slowing down you are able to access this peace at any time.

Meditation may be practiced by concentrating focus on the breath, a sound, a symbol, object, visualization, witnessing thoughts, movement or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment.

Carylanne is available for group meditation, life enhancing and stress reduction practices for your business and friends in person or by zoom.

Call or text 757-729-2716 for more information.