Carylanne is a seasoned Spiritual Guide, Life Coach and Master Energy Practitioner and Meditation guide  with 28+ years  experience . She believes love heals. Her unwavering commitment is helping people embody their strengths, divine  gifts and talents, learn to trust their intuition, believe, love and accept themselves, renew and re-store their energy, transform limiting beliefs to fully embrace and live their extraordinary lives.

She offers a unique, integrative personalized approach to health and healing for her clients that support transformational change .Through body, mind and spirit principles, her clients receive the foundation to awaken, grow and evolve.  This allows them to get to the root cause of their main issues and challenges, learn new ways to cope and successfully navigate through them to move forward to live a peaceful, healthier, happier, purposeful and abundant life.


   Her long-time dedication and training in holistic healing, spiritual practice, health and wellness began in 1993 after a personal life-changing spiritual awakening. As a patient and then student under the care of a Reiki Master in Florida, she began to trust and honor her inner guidance system, overcome severe anxiety and depression, and begin the discovery of her authentic self through meditation, prayer, reiki, affirmational living, attunement with nature and other spiritual practices. At an early age, she had a unique relationship with nature and awareness of the angelic and spiritual realms.  Her training in a growing number of alternative modalities has continued ever since then, including holistic healthcare and wellness training that began at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach. Her studies and certifications include: Life coaching, spiritual guidance, meditation, reiki, hypnosis, aromatherapy, Energetic healing, body memory healing, shamanic healing, spiritual ceremony, raindrop technique, spiritual life coaching, affirmative prayer, skincare, new thought teachings, intention and affirmational living.

“As I began to heal and transform my life, It became crystal clear to me that I wanted to help others do the same. More and more I continued to learn about holistic wellness, the mind, body, spirit  awareness finding new strength, confidence, and understanding of who I am and this ignited an amazing awakening to my gifts of spirit, intuition & healing.”

Carylanne is dedicated to her spiritual path, She honors all paths to God, all names and for God/ Creator/Universe/Spirit/ Source/Divine Mother/Divine Intelligence and  follows the teachings of the beloved way shower, Jesus. There are many paths to God, and the basis of all true spiritual work is Love, Unconditional love and we all come from that Source.

Carylanne is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek, a prayer warrior and  meditation guide.  She continues to expand her knowledge and wisdom as an avid student of great teachers, spiritual masters, visionaries and new thought writers.

Her clients share that she continuously encourages and guides them to keep moving toward their truth and desired life, which allows them to balance and increase their vital energy to successfully live a life of joy, true self-expression, optimal health, divine connection, abundance and ultimately, freedom.

Carylanne has a unique healing presence, lightness, gift of intuition and inate ability to connect with people on all levels to create sacred, loving, safe space to support others on their path to healing, self- love and wholeness. She draws on her life experiences and intuition which enables her to pinpoint core issues and support other’s to heal and transform, love and accept themselves, improve their life and align with their passions.   She is a loving listener and  encourages you to listen to and learn to trust and honor the still voice within, love yourself through challenges, find peace within yourself,  balance, and confidently step through life and  transitions. She encourages you to awaken and align with the Presence within known as Universe, Spirit/ God/ Divine/ Love Intelligence/Creator.

Our thought and feelings are powerful agents of energy,

our consciousness creates our reality. We become what we believe.

I believe love heals and is the greatest energy in the Universe.


Lets talk! 

I am happy to connect with you and see how my integrative approach  can support you to be your best.

Contact me by text or email to set up a complimentary phone or zoom conversation. In this 15 minute intro session you can share with Carylanne your main issues and desires for healing, guidance and coaching and how together you can reach them.

Carylanne’s buoyancy, deep faith in people, and commitment to doing Spirits will assist her clients in fulfilling life-long dreams…all leading to the creation of an authentic, healthy, joyful, prosperous lifestyle.

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To learn more or set a consultation  contact Carylanne @ Carylanne Wellness in Virginia Beach, VA, where she provides in-person and distance healing and guidance sessions.

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You are the only one that can be the extraordinary person that You are.”