Testimonials from Carylanne’s Clients


Carylanne offers a unique array of holistic healing modalities dedicated to supporting others to embody their strengths, gifts, and talents to be the true expression that they are. She is  well known for her clear intuition, expert listening, coaching, and amazing energy treatment sessions.

Where do I begin… Carylanne is beyond amazing. She has been a part of my life’s journey for about 8 years. She has provided guidance, energy healing, wisdom, raindrop therapy, and balance into my life. She truly has a special gift, I recommend Carylanne and her services to everyone!!
B Griffin, Real Estate Specialist
Carylanne is a true Angel and spiritual guide. She has helped me to change my life for the better in many ways. She has amazing intuition and shares true, divine wisdom. She is a bright and beautiful light that will shine upon your path, illuminating the way to all that is for your highest and greatest good. I cannot recommend her services enough. You will reach your best self through working with her ❤
K. Sherman, Analyst
I have worked with Carylanne for the past 12 years and her presence and guidance has absolutely enhanced my journey, supported my transformation and changed my life.  She is incredibly intuitive, connected, grounded and provides assistance in a way that is so clear, gentle, harmonious, powerful and heart-opening.  She always guides me home to myself.  The perception shifts that take place during our sessions are easily integrated into daily life.  One major realization I had when working with Carylanne is that when we shift perceptions and energy, I don’t ever revert back to that pattern.  It’s transformed for good, and I gain the awareness to keep moving forward on my journey as more unravels to be looked at with a loving presence.  I am forever grateful for Carylanne and the supportive role she plays in my life.
Krystal R~ Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach


Carylanne is truly a gifted, caring, uplifting person. I always, always come away with a smile and a lighter spirit, new insights, and a positive feeling of peace and warmth. Her touch, her inner spirit, and her humor are refreshing and transformative.  I totally and wholeheartedly recommend her. You will love being with her.
Joey P, Attorney

After my first woman of worth class; my life was changed forever.  At first I thought I randomly stumbled across the class, but now I realize I was meant to meet Carylanne.  After living my life through constant fear, unhappiness and never feeling good enough; I had a major breakthrough. My heart was opened for the first time, and I could see the world through eyes of love rather than fear. I decided to have a few more private sessions and after the third session, I had already worked through issues and insecuritites that I had been carrying around my entire life. I gained a newfound sense of love for myself and the universe. I felt worthy and complete happiness for the first time. Carylanne has a beautiful gift, an inner light and an angelic way about her. Her strong intuition and love for life shines through and makes whoever is around her feel beautiful and empowered. I’m so grateful that I met Carylanne!


Thanks to Carylanne I have a healthy spirit and a healthy life. When I started seeing Carylanne a year ago, I was crawling out of my skin with anxiety. I couldn’t figure out why I had all of this anxiety built up. Carylanne helped me unfold the layers that were weighing me down, and at the core of everything, I realized that I had to focus on myself, be confident within my own skin and to love myself for all of my shortcomings AND the things that I have to offer that are amazing – something very simple, but something I don’t know that I would have discovered without the guidance of Carylanne. She is such a warm, inviting and comfortable person to be around. She puts me at ease, and I feel as if I can tell her everything and anything and there will be no judgement. Her perspective on life is one I strive to obtain for myself. I have referred a number of friends to Carylanne, as they have seen the changes in me, and want to make those changes within themselves.     D.Y.

J. Meyer Cyt, Certified Life Coach.
Carylanne is one of the most gifted, heart centered intuitive guides I have ever known. She has an ethereal lightness to her approach yet hits the target again and again. Add this to her wonderful sense of humor and compassion…I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Janet Gilbert MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist/Senior Advocate, Peace of Mind
This class in an incredible disclosure of who we are as people, explores the depths of our past love relationships while bringing to the surface our real human potential for love. It is done in a truly compassionate manner leaving the participants free of past heartaches of partner relationships as well as those of genetic nature. Broken hearts are mended through the healing process brought forward in the teachings of Carylanne.

Stacey H., Virginia Beach
Carylanne has been working with me for the past couple of months, as a result of the energy work we’re doing together, I have experienced major transformations in my finances, my relationships and my career. In a very short time, I’ve released what feels like several lifetime’s worth of pain and suffering. This healing work is allowing me to be the person I always knew I could be. I’m so grateful to be working with such a gifted practitioner.

Nancy K.

“I remember the moment I met Caryl Anne and recognized a kindred spirit!  I love the way our teachers show up for us.  I have worked for several years with her extraordinary energy healing gifts.  There is a sincerity in Caryl Anne that connects her to spirit in a way that allows her to share and convey to those in her presence.  In addition to being a gifted guide, I am always struck by the wonderful energetic imprint she leaves where her hands have touched you in her healing practice.   Caryl Anne’s energy both grounds and lifts and flows around and with you way beyond your actual time spent together.”

A Middleton, Virginia Beach

Carylanne is a gifted and insightful. the information received in the session rings true”.

B Condorato

“Carylanne is a pure vessel. I trust her implicitly”.

Donna L Berg

“Carylanne has a remarkable ability to help her clients release their stress and pain. She also teaches them to use their intuitive powers to heal their lives.”

Kuross Samii (PhD)

“Carylanne is truly gifted. her approach is honest and straightforward.”

Janine Lex, DC
I highly recommend the Authentic Wellness hypnotherapy as a powerful relaxation and behavioral change tool. I personally noticed changes in perception and behavior after sessions. With utmost confidence I refer patients for that extra boost hypnotic suggestion can add to a person’s desire to change.

Deb Higgins, Management Specialist
Carylanne’s unique and innate ability to connect with a person’s inner self offers results in many profound and positive ways. Personally, she has enabled me to overcome obstacles and have a different outlook on stress as well as life in general. Time spent with Carylanne leaves a person feeling refreshed and renewed both physically and mentally. What a priceless investment for the body, mind and soul.

B. Gilpin
Several years ago, I embarked upon a journey of personal healing and spiritual growth. Fortunately, my path lead me to Carylanne, who through her Raindrop technique and Guided meditations has helped bring balance and healing to my life and clarity of purpose through an awakened connection to Spirit. The journey has been an amazing one and I owe so much to Carylanne. To anyone seeking the path to wellness, peace and love or to perhaps find the answers to some of life’s great questions, I would highly recommend Carylanne.

Lisa Rapacki, CMT
I have struggled with weight for a long time, working with Carylanne has given me the tools to stay on track and be kinder to myself when life throws those inevitable bumps in the road. The support and guidance in class along with hypnosis are helping me change the way I see myself, food and my body. I hit a roadblock and had a private session of guided emotional clearing. I have to say this was a very powerful and life changing experience. Thank you, Carylanne for everything.

B. Gruver
I have had right foot pain for about 3 months. I would receive relief from chiropractic and energy healing for short periods of time. After a few phone sessions and one session in person of energywork with Carylanne the pain has been totally relieved. In that last session we cut through fears and emotional blocks to release the pain. I am now going to have a series of Life Coaching sessions. I feel with Carylanne’s training and intuition we can get my life going in the direction I want, with ease.

“Carylanne sees and brings out the best in people.”
Carylanne is a spiritual guide, life coach, intuitive healer, ordained minister, hypnotherapist, meditation guide, teacher and practitioner of the renowned Raindrop Technique, and a licensed esthetician.

D Stadlin
Carylanne is an evolutionary healer with a unique tool-kit that she combines with her intuitive knowing, inner grace and beauty. I have worked with Carylanne over the years and I deeply appreciate her wisdom and innate healing gifts.

Phillip S.  Attended the 2017 Dream Big Event and one year later responded:

I wanted to let you know that one of my major intentions for 2017 has just come to fruition. This stuff really works! I’m going to repeat the process on my own for 2018. Thank you for showing them to me.