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Ideal Wellness Session

The ideal wellness session is a transformational energy treatment, a combination of spiritual holistic coaching and transformational energy work in a 60 or 90 minute session.

Carylanne incorporates modern and ancient methods of healing with energy medicine techniques, meditation, prayer and spiritual coaching to support you into a place of balance & well-being.

This meditative energy treatment is designed especially for you to increase the energy, vitality and health in the organs, muscles and energy systems of the body, while smoothing out the energy field, reducing stress and tension and restoring harmony and balance to the body mind and soul. Shifts in awareness and consciousness are greatly supported as is your ability to move forward, gain clarity & focus while transforming old thought patterns, releasing cellular memory and limiting beliefs. This is a deeply relaxation session  designed to transform, open pathways for inspiration, align you with the infinite Source within to magnetize your life force  energy.

The initial session is 90 minutes $150 or  60 minutes $120   Custom packages  available

Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring

Life Coaching provides guidance, support, encouragement, motivation and  empowerment  in all areas of your life.        

                           Are you ready and willing to  confidently trust in your inner wisdom and heart?                          Are you ready for greater clarity, serenity, joy, confidence and well- being?

 Are you looking for a mind-body-spirit  Life Coaching and Wellness approach?

Are you going through challenges and transitions?

Carylanne can help you to get clear, identify core issues, manage stress, anxiety and uncertainty that comes in life,  see & open to new perspectives, love yourself into confidence, live courageously and gain new awareness about who you are and how you can make the best choices to live the life you want to live now.

Build, trust and listen to your inner wisdom.

 As new awareness surfaces through therapeutic dialogue, answers are found within and you become calm, clear, confident and able to step forward.

  Carylanne creates a safe, sacred, comfortable space for self-discovery, and on-going encouragement. She helps you identify core issues and together  break through these personal obstacles, challenges, limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, or struggles, overcome obstacles and most importantly, learning ways to transform them.

Let’s work together to identify and accomplish your goals and intentions, and put them into action, create a life you love and realize your  dreams & goals~

Investment: One Hour–$130

4 sessions 1x per week $450 (1-time payment)

Student coaching rates available. $118 per hour


Reiki Raindrop Technique

 This treatment is highly restorative, soothing to the senses, while smoothing out the energy field. It promotes balance and is  deeply relaxing offering transformation for the body -mind and spirit.

The Raindrop technique is a relaxing and rejuvenating hands-on, energetic, bodywork treatment that combines the application of ten specific therapeutic essential oils with effleurage and vita flex techniques to smooth out energy blockages, reduce, tension and accumulated stress. This treatment may support the release of suppressed emotion, physical & emotional stress, cleanses the auric field and can begin to dissolve longstanding patterns of dis-ease. The oils are systematically applied beginning at the top of the head and shoulders, to the feet, lower legs,  and most of all along the spine and back. It is a powerful non -evasive treatment for increasing and restoring the body’s energy, re-aligning the spine, relieving chronic neck & back pain as well as muscle aches and fatigue.


Carylanne draws on her 19 years of experience with Young Living essential oils blending modern methods with ancient wisdom to create the ideal treatment for you.


Raindrop technique restores vitality, balance & creates an overall sense of well being for the body, mind, and spirit.

Investment: Reiki with Raindrop technique  1 hour or  1 1/2 hour $120-150


Personalized Meditations

Bringing abundance into your life, reducing stress, increasing vitality, changing habitual patterns can all be helped with meditation.

Carylanne dialogues with you to create your personal meditation that you can listen to again and again for your peace of mind, self-care regimen, health and healing, creating abundance, expanding self love and so much more.

$ starts at $55


Reiki~ Energy Medicine

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that naturally supports calming, stress relief, and triggers your body’s natural healing abilities to improve your energy flow, health, and well being.

Reiki is the transference of Universal life force energy done through the hands and the heart. A System of natural healing which activates the natural healing process in one’s body to restore physical, mental and emotional balance and harmony. Reiki supports connection to the soul, heart and may inspire spiritual growth.

Energy medicine relates to the understanding that every organ in the body has its own energy field and that our thoughts, actions, emotions, and intentions can affect the balance, health, strength and harmony of our energy body and energy field. Dis-ease shows up in the energy field prior to showing up in the body.

The benefits of Reiki may include relaxation, stress reduction, healing, balancing, pain reduction, peace, anxiety reduction. Some experience a feeling of renewal, new hope, joy, and feelings of re-connection. Studies show Reiki may lower blood pressure, reduces tension and bring about a deep feeling of well being.


Investment: Starting at $100

Sessions may include an application of essential oils & guided meditation for accelerated healing.


Reiki and Young Living Art Custom Facial

The Art custom facial is an all-natural facial blended with Young Living oils for vibrant, healthy rejuvenation for your skin, energy, and body. Feel the relaxation and balance from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

The experience begins with a sensory journey to choose the aroma for your treatment with intention setting for the well being of your body mind and spirit.  The next phase is the lavender foot treatment with hot towels, followed by the Art facial which includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating and application of creme masque and hydrating lotion to your face and neck.

Investment begins at $100-$145 per treatment

All coaching and treatment sessions are completely confidential and personalized to support you to be your authentic, amazing self and to triumph over past limitations and confidently launch you into the vibrant life you deserve and desire.

WE LOVE REFERRALS you are the best person we know to refer a friend to us. 

Receive $20 toward your next session.

Military personnel receive 10% off all services

Cancellation Policy~ Carylanne has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please call or text if you are unable to keep your appointment. If an appointment is not  cancelled with 24 hours a fee for a one-hour session is charged.

Of course, emergencies do arise in life, let us honor one another and our time.


Safe Care protocols are in place, mask on.

Mask necessary to enter our space, Thank you!!!