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 Empower your Thoughts~ Live in Self- Love~ Improve Energy & Vitality ~Live your Truth

Live Authentically.

Live in the present moment.

Embody divine wisdom &  trust.


   Life  and Soul Coaching~ Master Energy Practitioner~ Spiritual Direction

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Welcome! I am Carylanne.

       I am delighted you stopped by. As a seasoned spiritual mentor,  soul & life coach, master energy practitioner and meditation leader it is my greatest joy to be an instrument in your transformation, health and wellness journey. What I offer is my true self , a vessel of divine wisdom, love, compassion and 30 years of being on the spiritual path. I believe we soar to success by helping others to soar.

My goal is to support and encourage you to awaken to your authentic self and deepen your trust in your inner wisdom. To embody your connection to the Divine/Universe, with the ultimate goal of embodying more fully your innate talents, gifts, abilities, joy, strengths and all that you desire to be. Through divine awakening, trust and embodiment, individuals are better able to more confidently achieve their goals in life, for peace, success, abundance, relationships, health, happiness and manifestation of their dreams. 



Carylanne is an evolutionary healer with a unique tool-kit that she combines with her intuitive knowing, inner grace and beauty. I have worked with Carylanne over the years and I deeply appreciate her wisdom and innate healing gifts.
D. Stadlin


Soul Life Coaching with Carylanne

 Carylanne has been Soul/Life Coaching for over 30 years. Her spiritual gifts and intuitive
abilities have empowered hundreds of people to access their inner wisdom, navigate
challenging life circumstances, gain clarity of direction and purpose, and experience their potential for health, happiness and prosperity. The richness of life depends on how well we can flow with change, Non of us are an island, we all need a little help and  I believe asking for help and support is bravery.

The philosophy behind Soul/ Life Coaching is the recognition of a Divine intelligence that is within and all around us. Through Soul Coaching, Carylanne helps you make the shift
beyond the limiting thoughts of the mind to divine intelligence that dwells within your heart and soul. Carylanne acts as a bridge to help you access and trust that connection, so that your own inner wisdom can guide you in your life, moment to
moment, towards your highest potential and purpose.
With a strong connection to your inner wisdom,  you are empowered to live authentically, confidently, abundantly and in alignment with your core values and
purpose. I look forward to working with you!

Soul Life Coaching

Pay  here for 60 minute coaching session $150.00

Pay here for 4 session coaching package
 4 Hour Discount Package/ $500

You may schedule your appt with Carylanne by text 757-729-2716 or email

Changing the way you think and communicate,

changes the way we feel and the choices we make.   


Vibrational Energy Healing Session

Energy Vitality~ Energy and Body Balancing ~ Energetic Recalibration

Energy healing assists in creating a coherent and balanced energy field,  engaging the whole person to support one’s inherent ability to heal, balance and increase their energy vitality .When your energy is flowing and unencumbered you feel fully alive, balanced, healthy, vibrant, and confident, aligned with the infinite source and  your creative self expression is magnetized.

The wound is where the light enters ~RUMI

Carylanne’s multi faceted approach integrates energy techniques with clear intuition, intention and  spiritual nutrition (affirmative prayer).   Intention setting is first and foremost to open the pathway to healing, transformation and  renewal. Together we  identifies the core stress, suppressed energy, emotional patterns, and blocks supporting you to gain release, gain new awareness and  restore balance in your body, mind and spirit.

Here are some of the potential benefits : A body free of stress, reduce anxiety, tension and fear. Increasing your energy, vitality and health in the organs, muscles and energy systems of the body, smoothing out the energy field to restore harmony to the body, mind and soul, Peace within yourself, and more vital energy. Shifts in awareness and consciousness are greatly supported as is your ability to move forward, gain clarity and focus while transforming old and toxic thought patterns, cellular memory and limiting beliefs.

When your energy is strong, steady and balanced, it opens pathways for more joy, inspiration and  alignment with Source.

Investment~  60- minutes $150 (In person)

pay here for $150 energy session

You may schedule your appointment now via text 757-729-2716 or email


Personalized Meditational Journey

Carylanne has been leading and creating meditational journeys for over 25 years.

Her spiritual gifts, soothing voice and intuitive abilities create a safe and sacred space for meditation, awakening and self  discovery. She gently  guides you into a place of deep peace and relaxation.

With focused intention the meditational journey supports

peace of mind, self discovery,  increased energy and vitality, shifts in mindset and energy, stress reduction and expansion into greater self- love.

Gain clarity and direction to take your next step.

Carylanne dialogues with you to create  and then lead you in your personal meditation experience.

Investment  $140   60-70 minutes

Book Now 

For Zoom Appointment or in person appt

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Prayer and Faith Healing

Prayer is conscious connection with the Divine Source.

Affirmative Prayer

Traditional Prayer

Gratitude Prayer

How May I pray for you?

Reiki~ Energy Medicine

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that naturally supports calming, stress relief, and triggers your body’s natural healing abilities to improve your energy flow, health, well being and  aligns you with your divine energetic vibration.

Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Improving the flow of energy around the body,  can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness. Reiki has been around for thousands of years.

Reiki is the transference of Universal life force energy done through the palms of the hands and the heart. A system of natural healing which activates the natural healing process in one’s body to restore physical, mental and emotional balance and harmony. Reiki supports connection to the soul, heart and may inspire spiritual growth.

The benefits of Reiki may include anxiety reduction, relaxation, stress reduction, calming of the nervous system, healing, balancing, pain reduction, peace of mind. Some experience a feeling of renewal, new hope, joy, and feelings of re-connection. Studies show Reiki may lower blood pressure, reduces tension and bring about a deep feeling of well being.

Investment: $140  In person and remote healing sessions are available.



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Cancellation Policy~ Carylanne has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please call or text if you are unable to keep your appointment. If an appointment is not  cancelled with 24 hours a fee for a one-hour session is charged.


Richest blessings, peace, harmony and gratitude,