April 2, 2018


Mindfulness is the single most important action we can practice in any and every given moment.

When ever we take a moment to bring our mind and our heart into harmony we practice mindfulness. For me, I practice the pause, I take  a deep breath, and I bring my awareness into my heart and this simple pause allows me to be more in my center. The more I am living in the present the more I am myself and can interact consciously.

Jon Kabat Zinn a leader in mindfulness & meditation training states ” meditation is like tuning your instrument yourself before you go out on the road or start your day. Non doing is being.

His book ” wherever you go, there you are” is a great read and a great place to begin.

Affirmation~ The more I am mindful, the more peace, ease and clarity I experience all the day through.

peace & blessings.

April 2, 2018