Vitality Wellness Package

Vitality~ the state of being strong, energetic, active and fully alive.

This can be 3 or 6 session treatment series designed specifically to address your specific needs of physical mental & emotional well being. Are you feeling out of sorts or off track?

This mini intensive is all about you, your health, healing, and transformation. Carylanne incorporates modern and ancient methods of healing to support you into a place of balance, vitality & well-being. Shifts in awareness and consciousness are greatly supported as is your ability to move forward, increase your energy, gain clarity & focus and let go of that which is not serving your highest good or health.

The 1st session begins with therapeutic dialogue, deep breathing and intention. Carylanne guides you in to a meditative state for inner reflection. In the next phase you receive insight, wisdom & direction about your life, purpose, career, Divine Connection and the best areas to focus on to move forward to your hearts desire. The session continues with energy balancing and or the releasing of energies/ blocks & outdated patterns supporting you in feeling lighter and more in balance, this all leading to you opening to your highest potential, joy , confidence and peace of mind.

The Wellness package is offered in 3 or 6 sessions to be prepaid to receive package pricing.

Sessions may include” life and wellness coaching, intuitive spiritual direction, reiki, therapeutic energy treatment,  c essential oil treatments, energy/ chakra balancing, GEL method guided imagery and visualization, guided meditation, reiki raindrop, EFT (emotional freedom technique) & reflective inquiry.

Your best day is today!!!

The initial session is 1 1/2 to 2 hours $175

3 sessions $475 prepaid.