Reiki is a natural way to trigger and expand your body’s natural healing abilities to improve your health and well being.

Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Improving the flow of energy around the body, say Reiki practitioners, can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness. Reiki has been around for thousands of years.

Reiki is the transference of universal life force energy. A system of natural healing which activates the natural healing process in one’s body to restore physical, mental and emotional balance and harmony.

There are numerous benefits of Reiki which include relaxation, stress reduction, healing, balancing, pain reduction, peace, anxiety reduction, inspires new hope, joy and feelings of connection lowers blood pressure, reduces tension and brings about a feeling of well being.

Investment $133 +

In person and remote healing sessions available.