Monthly Meditation

A meditation practice may support peace of mind, calmness, relaxation stress reduction, focus concentration and greater well being. Studies show, it is an essential component of wellness.

Each month we dedicate this time to be still, to relax, reconnect with the small voice within and to align with the Universe known as Divine mind, Source, God, Spirit, Creator.

Meditation fills us up in a way nothing else can and supports a life of peace, gratitude, mindfulness, love, abundance, fulfillment and joy.

Join us for a monthly meditation ~
Here are the dates for the  New moon meditations  February 24th, March 24th, April 22nd 2020
Moon meditations on the Beach
May 29th 2020 6:45pm
68th street beach and oceanfront on Virginia Beach, VA
bring chair or blanket to sit on.
♥Love Donations only~
Investment $ love donation   RSVP appreciated  text 757-729-2716 or email

  It is a joy to meditate with you!

Carylanne is dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space for all to relax, destress, rejuvenate their body-mind-spirit wellness, listen to the inner/ higher wisdom and connect more deeply to love. We look forward to meditating with you.