Stress reduction and Mindfulness practices

Are you looking for ways to stay calm, healthy, centered and emotionally resilient?


Do you presently have the support, self -care regimen and stress-reducing tools to take you through this unprecedented time we are in?

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Specialized Guided Meditations~

Carylanne creates a safe and sacred space for your personalized guided meditation. Breathing practices support you to connect with your body, quiet your mind, and enter into the stillness. As relaxation begins we will support you to let go, bring new energy and light into the body, release stress, expanding peace within, and experience a renewed sense of harmony and balance.

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“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”.    ~Hippocrates


Mindfulness practices are about understanding ourselves, being present in the moment, pausing, listening and sensing our environment as we respond and make choices. Paying attention to our thoughts, bodily sensations and feelings in a non -judgemental way with compassion and kindness. It is the practice of living in a moment to moment awareness of self and our environment being fully present to the present moment, not the past or the future.

Life Coaching is a safe & practical way to identify challenges, fears, negative patterning and limiting beliefs as well as discover new perceptions, strengths, confidence &  find solutions that are not yet visible.  Life coaching helps individuals to see through a new lens, to reclaim or expand confidence, to get clear, to move forward,  to identify and accomplish their goals, intentions, and dreams and put them into action.  The ongoing encouragement, consistency and support life coach brings supports the client to maintain balance, initiate change, manage the stress and uncertainty that comes with changes and challenges in life, and to be resilient. It is a method of empowering a person to trust in themselves, cultivate their own instincts/intuition & talents to confidently overcome obstacles, live mindfully and move forward in life. Together we pave the way to wellness.

By discovering challenges, limiting beliefs and negative tendencies together we find the tools and solutions to move into a new awareness of self, positive thinking, self-care and power to live well.

Carylanne creates custom sessions and provides a safe, comfortable space for self- discovery. She is result-oriented in her approach and provides sound methods and techniques to support you mentally,  emotionally, physically and spiritually while guiding you to trust in your own guidance system to create your ideal wellness.  Making a  commitment to life coaching and mindfulness practices is a commitment to wellness, joyful living, self- care, personal growth, vitality, well being and most importantly self-love and acceptance to live your truth and happiness.


I have found in 20 plus  years of Coaching that momentum, client-coach connection, and

commitment are the keys to  your success.”

Carylanne offers deep heart-centered guidance and on-going encouragement to help you break through personal obstacles, fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs and restore confidence & new awareness of self to live in balance, greater health, abundance, and joy. She is well known for her intuitive guidance and hits the target time after time.

All coaching sessions are completely confidential and personalized to support you to triumph over past limitations and confidently launch you into the new vibrant life you deserve and desire.

Let’s work together to realize your dreams & goals. It is my honor to be a part of your journey.

Investment:   One Hour $134.

zoom and phone appointments available