July 7th IANDS NDE Presenter Carylanne

For the first time Carylanne,  will tell the NDE she had  as a young woman that took her into other dimensions of consciousness known to other NDE experiencers as “Heaven”.   This beautiful reality that opened her mind & heart to Christ, Angels, Saints, & Spirit Guides. The NDE experience radically changed her life, career and reality. At this time in our quickening, she is compelled to tell her story.  She will take you on a trip into that experience and share how she came back from the other dimension with a deep openness, and new understanding of unconditional love, gratitude, nature, death & life. It is her sincere hope to educate and share her experience so that others who may have an NDE experience or Spiritual awakening will know they are not alone. A spiritual awakening is miraculous and for some may be scary, for her coming back in so psychically open was very challenging. In 1993, through the loving care/treatment of a Reiki Master she began to understand herself, open to her gifts of Spirit and embark on her true path. The gifts of Spirit are deeply sacred to her. In her 23 years in Virginia Beach as a Wellness professional, she serves clients nationwide combining Intuition, sacred wisdom, healing, life coaching, spiritual mentoring, prayer & meditation, transformational energy work & aromatherapy. She believes love heals all & in living an authentic life of gratitude. It is Carylanne’s honor to guide others to open to their unique gifts, spiritual awakening, embrace their true self and divine connection, and heal anxieties and fear.  We are here to illuminate and shine our light for humanity. We are in this together.

Presentation Saturday July 7th at A.R.E 10am-12noon. In her afternoon workshop, Carylanne will teach you how to access other dimensions through meditations, visualizations and share insights and lessons learned from the NDE.

Workshop 2-4pm at A.R.E $15 .

July 8th Fellowship speaker @ 10:45 am.

Visit or email her at [email protected].  757-729-2716