Guided Meditations

Meditation~ Is the ultimate reset button~

a meditation practice as you may know offers many benefits for the body mind and spirit.The practice and benefits of meditation are long lasting and cumulative for stress reduction, relaxation, pain management and over all health & well-being and most important “peace of mind”

Connecting to the stillness and silence within supports us to reconnect with our true self.

Monthly meditations with Carylanne meet the 2nd Thursday of each month throughout the year (check calendar.)

a meditation practice may move us to discover ways to live from the heart, true to our nature, supporting us to live in balance with greater compassion & expand in Spirit.

meditation promotes clarity, peace, & relaxation , reduces stress & anxiety and connects us to our  innate ability to live in balance and harmony.

Carylanne is well known for her deeply evocative & healing guided meditations and for creating a sacred, safe space to go in to the silence. She offers three free meditations in hopes that it contributes to your inner peace.

Meditation is a self directed practice for “tuning in”, bringing your attention your breathe and your focus inward. This is relaxing the for body, calms the mind and brings harmony and peace to the Spirit. The Source of peace is within you, by slowing down you are able to tap into this Source .

Meditation may be practiced by concentrated focus on the breathe, a sound, a symbol, object, visualization, movement or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment. Some of the benefits include: inner peace, relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, enhanced spiritual awareness and personal growth.